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Making Community Livable. 1015 Campbell St. Oakland,CA 94607

Some think Jesus was just a good man, we want you to rethink this view.
Some believe Jesus was just a prophet, we want you to rethink this view.

Some say that Jesus never lived, we want you to rethink this view.

Some say faith in Jesus doesn't matter it's just a crutch for the weak-minded, we want you to rethink this view.
Some don't believe that Jesus have the ability to change lives,we really want you to rethink this view.
It's time to re-think
Service Times
Wednesday:Talking and Listening to God (Prayer) and Digging Deeper (Bible Study)  6:00-7 PM
Saturday: Worship and Fellowship Meal 9:AM-11:30
Sunday: Worship 9:AM - 10: AM
Bay Community Fellowship
1015 Campbell St. 
Oakland CA, 94607
510.763.0352 office
510.289.0409 cell


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